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Executive Protection - International Chauffeurs

When executives use hotel chauffeurs on international business trips, they must ensure the chauffeurs gevraagd does not stop en route, uses only adequately lighted and well-traveled roads, and high-crime or dangerous routes are avoided. The chauffeur should vary the route daily to prevent anyone from detecting a pattern.
Chauffeurs should also be instructed that if they see an accident, they should call and report the location and number of injured persons. If the hotel chauffeured vehicle is involved in an accident, he should never stop. The chauffeur should be instructed to call the police on a cell phone, maintain continuous lines of communication and head to the nearest police station or embassy. Other instructions for your hotel chauffeur should include:

Be on the lookout for surveillance when departing.

Vary the routes and learn the locations of police stations, fire stations, hospitals and other places that could be used as a safe haven in case of emergency.

Use vehicles that do not attract unwanted attention.

Do not always use the same vehicle. This is important in high-risk kidnap locations.

Ensure the chauffeur keeps the vehicle's hood, trunk and gas cap secured.

The chauffeur should not lower windows more than two inches for ventilation or to speak to someone outside the vehicle.

The chauffeur should avoid driving on remote roads whenever possible.

The chauffeur should keep the vehicle at a safe distance from the curb. Drive as close as possible to the centerline so the vehicle cannot be forced to the curb.

When stopping at a traffic signal, the chauffeur should keep enough distance from the vehicle in front to allow your vehicle room for quick evasive maneuvering.


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